Natasha Cole


About Natasha

I first found nPhoto at ImagingUSA. I had been on the search for a product that not only complimented my work, but also stunned my clients. I was amazed when the acrylic prestige album showed up at my door, and I was quite surprised that the turnaround time was a mere 8 days from the day I ordered it. My jaw dropped, I was stunned by its beauty. It was something that I had to share with my clients so they could be just as happy as I was. I immediately started telling the world about them.
I have many beautiful professional products that I offer my clients but let me tell you, the quality, fit, and finish of nPhoto’s products are on another level.
The albums that nPhoto has to offer can be cherished for years to come with memorable moments in them for my clients. They are much happier with this as an option for them.

About nPhoto
The entire experience that I have shared with nPhoto was pleasant, memorable, and the customer service is amazing. I am so happy to be apart of nPhoto and what they are doing to changing the photography industry

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