Starter Box


Get started with our Starter Pack consisting of the essentials:

Material Swatch Book:

Discover the different material types and see the available varieties of Textiles, Duo Textiles, and Leatherettes. Search through the Swatch Book and select your favorite material based on color, name or symbol. The Swatch Book consists of three booklets, each its own palette: Bright, Earthy, and Soft each palette is color coordinated which makes it much easier to select a matching color for the interior/exterior of your product.

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Demo Paper Bundle:

The Demo Paper Bundle consists of 13 ready images printed on papers that we use in our products. It is a must-have for every professional ordering products from us, get your hands on one here. You will find it easy to identify each paper type as it is labeled and their descriptions can be found below. Find out what paper type can be used in what product and see which ones and be mixed and matched. This is the best, and only way to have all our paper types on hand in a handy folder perfect to take along to IPS meeting. Always order the correct paper with the help of our Demo Paper Bundle.

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Product Catalogue:

Migrate through the Catalogue and familiarise yourself with the available product collections and see which products they are available in. Read about the available personalization options, add-ons, and sizes available for a specific product. Inspire yourself with the beautiful full-page images of each product in our offer and read all about the available paper types, to select the best base for artwork.

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