Stacked Acrylic Print


Take your professional photography studio to the next level with our Stacked Acrylic Prints.

Our Stacked Acrylic Print, sometimes referred to as a floating acrylic print, or raised acrylic print, features our popular Acrylic Print stacked onto over-sized MDF board, creating a ‘floating print’ visual effect.

Choose to have your MDF board in either classic black, or finished with a white passepartout cover.

Our Stackd Acrylic Prints come printed with high-end pigment inks increasing their colorlife and overall longevity compared to dye-based inks.

Stacked Acrylic Prints are an essential studio product that are sure to impress with any genre of professional photography.

This product comes included with a microfiber cloth for easy self-cleaning and is pre-fit with hangers; ready to display right out of the box. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included with the wall decor products.  

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