Designing with the Online Designer

The Online Designer is a free online program specially designed to make your experience with designing nPhoto albums easy and enjoyable. Its intuitive design means now you can design albums in just minutes. The program comes equipped with a variety of layouts, cliparts, and backgrounds to choose from to create your design.

1. Access the nDesigner (Online Designer) from your cart by selecting “ Online Designer” with the slider and then selecting "Create Project". You will then be redirected to the Online Designer.

nDesigner, online designer

2. Upload your images by clicking on the "Computer" icon. If you want to import photographs from previously designed projects, click on "Another project". You can also simply drag&drop your images into the Online Designer.

nDesigner, Online Designer,  nPhoto

3. Go to a page/spread then select "Layouts" or create your own, add a background, cliparts, masks, and/or frames – all these options will be found on the left-hand side in our Online Designer.

ndesigner, nphoto, online designer

4. When you are done creating, click on the 'Order' button to add the design to the product in your cart.

nphoto, online designer, ndesigner

5. If you have a promo code, apply it before checkout. You will be able to order once all your product designs are complete.

nphoto, ndesigner, online designer