We’re glad you've chosen to partner with us and create premium quality products that last a lifetime.


At nPhoto we allow you to choose your favorite method of designing, whether it be our intuitive Online Designer, Templates or with the help of our partners’ software.

Online Designer

The nPhoto team recommends creating designs with the Online Designer.

  • The Online Designer is our free, intuitive, no download necessary, online program that allows you to create designs in just minutes.
  • Access it from the cart - Once you’ve customized your product and added it to your cart you can start designing by selecting the “Online Designer” with the slider and clicking the “Create Project” button.
  • The program works with thumbnails, so the images on screen may not be as sharp as the file you uploaded. The images will be printed in the same resolution as the files you provided. To preview the finished design use hotkey ctrl+shift+e.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to upload images and start designing.  


If you prefer programs such as Lightroom or Photoshop we have prepared Templates for you to use in these programs. Please make sure that you choose the correct product, size, amount of pages, and paper type (if applies). Templates can be downloaded from here: https://nphoto.com/downloads. Incorrect templates make for incorrect designs that will need to be redesigned. That is why we urge you to DOUBLE CHECK to see if the templates being designed on are correct.

Each template is downloaded with a PDF Instruction file with directions on how to design. If this is your first time using the Templates to design, be sure to read the Instructions carefully.

Other Designing Methods

We’ve partnered with Fundy, Smart Albums, Album Stomp and Dgflick to facilitate you product designing.

When designing with software outside our website It is crucial that you have the newest version of the software. Please make sure you have the newest update of software to ensure quick and easy designing with correct templates. Choosing to not update your software may result in redesigning products.